Thursday, September 19, 2013

Eating Out in Malaysia

I’m going through my pics so that I can finally post some backlog stuff.

We ate at a nearby kopitiam that served meals. I thought they only served coffee and breads. Anyway, I enjoyed the food. Here’s my companion’s plate:


Here’s mine. I love the chicken wings and the rice. Tomatoes, cucumbers, dried fish and peanuts were also staples in all my meals.


We also ordered fish ball soup. I liked this, my companion did not.


This was the second bowl. The first bowl had a strand of hair in it so I asked it to be changed. I showed the waitress the hair. Back in the kitchen, I could see the cooks looking for the hair which was left on my table.


I love the mugs and the big serving! I also like the taste. You can really taste the tea and a squeeze of lemon juice makes it perfect. I think we paid around 30 RM for this meal.

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