Do you often get asked this question? It's so hard to be a mom and juggle all your responsibilities. One of the hardest things to do is figure out daily meals. Here's one dinner idea for you.
Breakfast is my weakness. I can't seem to make a proper plan for it. Here are a few breakfasts ideas I've compiled. Check them out!
It's very rare that I eat rice for breakfast but when I have the craving for it, I make sure to prepare a hearty meal like this.
Snacking or merienda is a huge thing in the Filipino culture. During weekends, I try to make an effort to serve my family great snacks. Here is one of them.
Are you having trouble thinking of snacks for your toddler? Check out this post.
Merry Christmas everyone! How is your day coming along? Christmas breakfast was such a big thing in my family when I was a kid. Now that I have my own little one, I think I'll bring this tradition back.

But before I share with you our Christmas breakfast, let me share with you one breakfast idea here.
Are you a coffee or tea person? I am definitely a tea person. If you are like me, check out my post.
Being a new mom is tough. I am grateful to the Lord that our first year was great. It had some ups and downs but I am really glad that my son is healthy. Part of being healthy is a good diet. Here's one of his first foods.
Most of you know that I hate, hate, hate wasting food! I just don't have the heart to throw out food. So, when we have leftovers, I usually recycle them. Here are two ideas I'd like to share with you.
I love siomai! Sadly, I have developed a seafood allergy especially to crustaceans and shellfish! Yes, I know that's terrible news for a food blogger and an overall foodie like moi. So, once in a while, I just look at my old food posts. I came upon this post while missing my favorite siomai.
I absolutely love Chicken Rice! It's a Singaporean dish that I know most of you are familiar with now because there are already many restaurants serving it. When I get the cravings for it, I go to this place. The Roasted version is now our family favorite.
We love having staycations because they are more affordable than going out of town or out of the country. We are also always strapped for time so a staycation is perfect for our family because we can go on one during the weekend. Here's one that we've been on. Check out the buffet!
I love instant yakisoba. Yeah, the one where you just put some hot water in it. I like the one from Nissin. But sometimes, yakisoba can seem too blah for me so I end up doing this. Check it out!
I am a huge fan of their mint chocolate brownies and I am always delighted to see what the year's design is. I haven't been to Starbucks lately because the branches close to us are always full! I passed by my other blog and found this brownie from last year. If you have a photo or a post of this year's batch, I'd like to see it! Please share it in the comments below.
I love tacos! I love Mexican food but it took a while for a really good restaurant to satisfy my taco cravings. Check out my favorite here.