I don't always eat junk food. I only eat when I have the craving. Here's one of my favorite brands.
It was one of my favorite fast food chains when I was a teen. Sadly, we don't have them here anymore but I was able to get my fill back in Singapore. Here's my post.
I was ecstatic when I read the news that they are opening a branch in Singapore. What am I talking about? Check this out.
We went to Singapore last year for my birthday. Here are a few food snapshots.
Have you tried the McCormick line of spreads in a tube? Here's what I think.
We Filipinos are big on pasalubong or homecoming presents. Part of our vacation budget is allotted to buying gifts. If you are going to Malaysia, you might want to check out this great pasalubong.
I like serving my family a hearty and filling breakfast every Saturday. Why? Simply because everyone wakes up late and I have a ton of chores to do so that means lunch will also be late. We don't like having brunch as we get hungry fast so here's one hearty breakfast I prepared for the family.
Pasta is every mommy's savior come dinner time. It's quick, easy and cheap. Here's one meal to prepare for your family. I know both my husband and son loved it.
I am scared of cooking beef because when overcooked, they become tough. Here is one quick cooking beef recipe if you are like me.
Here are a few breakfast ideas for mom and baby. Breakfast is the meal I most struggle with as we are all picky breakfast eaters. I hope this post will be helpful.