Stretching our Adobong Kangkong


Adobo is a staple dish in any Filipino household. Aside from meat, we also cook vegetables adobo style. Take for example the humble kangkong or swamp spinach. This is usually served as is but when I cooked this dish, I had some leftover ground beef and thought I’d just add it as an “extender”. Normally the veggies act as extenders. In this case, it’s the opposite.

I didn’t serve any other viand because of the addition of the ground beef. So, this is pretty much a tipid (economical) meal. Just add rice.

Do you want to try this simple dish?


onions (I always put onions in my adobo but you can skip it if you don’t want to)
ground beef
soy sauce
seasoning granules
black peppercorns

Let’s cook!

Saute the garlic and onions in oil. Add the ground beef. In my case, this was cooked ground beef. Add the kangkong stalks.  In a bowl, mix together water, soy sauce, vinegar and seasoning granules. Mix well and pour over the vegetables and meat. Add the peppercorns. Boil then reduce heat to simmer. Add the leaves at the last minute. Turn off heat and cover to allow kangkong leaves to cook. Serve with rice.


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