Our Baguio Breakfast

Most of you know that my sister went to Baguio over the holidays. As is the tradition of my family, we normally bring home food from wherever we were. She brought home a lot of food this time. You've already seen the longganisa hash that I made using Baguio longganisa.

For this breakfast, I served the leftover hash plus a few more goodies - there's Baguio danggit or dried rabbit fish (that wasn't too salty), salted eggs and scrambled eggs (I was unsure which one my husband wanted), some ube (also from Baguio), rice and sliced fragrant pears in honey and yogurt. This breakfast was wiped out.

You don't have to go to Baguio to enjoy this breakfast. Most of these are available in Manila supermarkets. I hope I've given you an idea on what to serve for breakfast tomorrow!


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