Like Bibimbap but Not Quite

This dish looks similar to bibimbap what with the meat, veggies and egg on top of some steamed rice. But actually, this is just a bunch of leftovers that I put together. This was one of my experimental meals when my urticaria was active. Thank God I didn't react to it!

You need:

krispy kangkong
shredded carrots
fried egg
ground beef
chopped onions
soy sauce
brown sugar or muscovado or honey
salt and pepper
sesame oil - optional

Let's do this!

Pour some oil in a pan. Saute the chopped onions. Add the ground beef. Cook until brown. In a bowl, mix soy sauce and sugar together. Pour on the beef. Season with salt and pepper. You can also add a dash of sesame oil and even sprinkle with sesame seeds. I opted out as I was scared I might get an allergic reaction.

To assemble, place the ground beef on top of some rice. Add the fried egg and the vegetables. Enjoy!


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