Simple Long Beans Side Dish

Ever since my urticaria became active, I made an effort to stock up the fridge with vegetables. I don't usually have a plan for them. I just cook whatever I fancy eating that day. Because of this, sometimes some veggies are left all alone. Such was the case of these long beans. Since we still had some leftover pulled pork, I decided to make the beans into a simple side dish. 

You need:

long beans
sesame oil
soy sauce
salt and pepper
chili flakes

Let's do this!

In a pan, heat some oil. Add the minced garlic and cook until fragrant. Do not burn. Add the beans and stir fry until they turn into a vibrant green. Add about a tablespoon or so of soy sauce. Season with salt and pepper. Add some chili flakes if you want some heat. Add a dash of sesame oil. 

For the pulled pork, you can find the recipe here. I also served some vegetable and fruit salad with this meal. The salad consisted of greens, shredded carrots, cucumbers and pear cubes with a dressing of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, muscovado, salt and pepper. 


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