Baon/Snack Idea - MarketO Real Cheese Chips

I love going to S&R and Landers because I am able to discover new food and tastes. My son loves cheese and we usually buy this cheese snack in S&R but it has been out of stock for some months now. On one S&R trip, we found this box of cheese chips. It says real cheese on the box and the price was okay so we got it.

The chips look exactly like that. I'm sorry I wasn't able to take photos as my son didn't want me to. He wanted to enjoy his chips without mommy's camera bothering him. The taste was real "cheesy'. I think this is a mix of 6 cheeses. The chips are not salty. They are actually a bit sweet and they were really crunchy. My son finished the whole box in one sitting. Yeah, cheese monster. The chips come in a pack inside so you can add this to your child's lunch box without fear of getting the chips soggy.


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