Adobo Flakes Part 1

If you read my previous post regarding herbed rice, you might have seen the amount of rice I made was enough for 4 people or so. Again, armed with the philosophy of no waste, I planned our Sunday lunch around the herbed rice. I've been cooking herbed rice for the past few years now and have been experimenting with different versions. Through all those versions, one thing's for sure - I love herbed rice with adobo flakes.

I have also been experimenting with adobo for quite some time now but this is the first time that I made adobo flakes from scratch, meaning adobo flakes is my ultimate goal and not adobo today then adobo flakes for the leftovers.

I boiled some chicken breast fillet to get rid of some of its fat and also the raw smell. I don't like the smell of blood and raw meat, fish, etc. I always boil my chicken first before cooking it to ensure that I don't taste anything weird. You can always skip this step.

I boiled this for a few minutes then boiled it again in a mixture of vinegar, liquid seasoning, water and 2 sachets of Maggi Magic Sarap. The recipe said to boil the meat for 1 hour. I only boiled this for a few minutes and added more than a cup of the recommended liquid in the recipe but it still burned!!!

The good thing was I was able to salvage it with only a little damage. Only the underside of the meat was burned and just a small area so I just cut that off. I then proceeded to tear the meat up in little pieces and fry them in lots of oil, garlic and pepper. I also added some bay leaves for the authentic adobo flavor.

MB loved it so much that we had to go to Walter Mart in the afternoon to buy more chicken breast fillets to make our supplies last for the whole week. Aaaahhh, comfort food.

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