Baon #1

You already read about the tomato rice here.

Here's what I did with the veggies. Melt some butter in a pan then toss the carrots first for about a minute or so then add the sliced beans. Season with salt and pepper and thyme or any herbs that you like then that's it! Simple, no? I only cooked this for very short time as I will be nuking this later in the microwave. I still want my veggies to be crispy later.

I try to prepare our baon at night so that I can still get some sleep as I will still have to prepare breakfast the following day.

Also shown in the picture is my 88-peso chopping board from Japan Home Center. This is quite a steal as this is only my second one. On the side is the blade of my ever reliable cleaver. Yes, you got that right - a cleaver! I don't use a chef's knife for preparing dishes. I use a cleaver. Probably because Mao of the anime Cooking Masterboy used one too and all of his dishes turned out to be super!

Estimated cost is 25 pesos for the side veggies which is good for 2 with some leftover for the cats to munch on (my cats eat veggies) and 6o to 70 pesos for the chicken tomato rice, enough for our packed lunch and about 2 cups leftover for dinner. Not bad eh?

Cooking your own baon can save you lots of money and you can be sure of the cleanliness and quality of the food you put in your mouth.


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