Spicy Noodles For Breakfast?

Since wasting food in our house is frowned upon, we usually eat leftovers from dinner for breakfast. Here's an example of that.

I cooked spicy chili-garlic shrimp for dinner the other night for a quick dinner. Just saute some garlic and onions in a pan. Then I added a little water, let it boil then added the shrimp heads and shell. When the heads are cooked I mashed them up a little to get the shrimp essence (as Super Chef Mao calls it) then discarded these to my babies' mouths. Hehe.. They love shrimp and no, they don't get allergies from it. They don't like the small suaje though.
Add the peeled shrimps next, with tails still intact and cook for a few seconds then add soy sauce. The soy sauce I used was a lot and I mean a lot! Maybe I was just really tired that night. Don't do the same thing! Then put some chili-garlic paste which is available in the supermarket. A small bottle costs around Php48. I used about a teaspoon of this because we like our noodles to have some extra kick in it. Add more water then it boil. Add the noodles. I don't like cooking the noodles separately as I want it to absorb the flavors of the sauce. Cook until done then season with pepper and garnish with sliced leeks.

If you're wondering what those white things are, they are ----- tortillas! I still have 2 pieces in the freezer and no bread or something to pair the noodles with so I decided to heat the tortillas and cut them up in quarters. Guess what, it turned out to be really good because the tortilla was bland and the noodles were salty. My only comment is, it was bitin! I was already hungry at 9 am!

About 100-120 pesos for the original recipe which was good for dinner for two then breakfast for two but you have to serve another side dish for breakfast to make it more filling.


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