Tanigue Version 2

If you can remember, I only bought 2 Tanigue fillets last Saturday. This is my second take on tanigue steak.

I rubbed the fillet with the juice of 1 calamansi then let it sit for about 5 minutes. I then brushed it with oyster sauce and let it marinate overnight. The next morning, I chopped up some garlic and let them cook with the tanigue. I brushed the tanigue with the leftover oyster sauce which I splashed with a little sake and mirin. I also sprinkled pepper on the fillet while cooking. I topped it with the cooked garlic, some chopped spring onions and more bottled garlic bits, the crunchy ones.

I also had some sauteed bok choy and carrots packed for lunch. As much as possible, I would like to eat a vegetable dish everyday if not every meal.

What's the verdict? I like the first version better. This was good but not great. The oyster sauce didn't seep through as much as I'd like. Maybe because it was thicker compared to the first sauce that I used. Next time, I'll experiment with a different combination of sauces.


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