Navel Orange

Yesterday's breakfast included oranges. I just slice one orange into half them slice them again into small pieces. it's much easier to eat this way than large wedges.

Some interesting facts about oranges:
1. The orange is a hybrid of an ancient cultivated origin possibly between pomelo and tangerine
2. The orange is a type of berry
3. Oranges originated in Southeast Asia
4. There are 4 varieties of oranges - Persian, Navel, Blood and Valencia
5. "A single mutation in 1820 in an orchard of sweet oranges planted at a monastery in Brazil yielded the navel orange"
6. This mutation causes the orange to develop a secondary orange at the base of the original fruit
7. It is called such because from the outside it looks like, yep, you guessed it, a human navel.
8. And of course, the Philippine Orange is known as Dalandan



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