Filetto Al Pepe Verdostana/Valdostana

That's just a fancy name for stuffed chicken breast fillet. I will not bother too much about the name nor origin of this recipe as I didn't like it that much. So why post it? Because some of you might like eating chicken with just plain rice. I don't. I need some soup or side dish to go with it. Another reason is that, you can serve this during parties. Just slice 'em up and serve with sauce and mushrooms in butter or steamed veggies and whatever it is that would taste good with chicken. You can also make rice ala Sbarro or a rice pilaf.

Cook some ham and slice some tomatoes and melting cheese. Season the chicken with salt and pepper. Make a deep slit on one side of the chicken. Stuff the ham first then the tomatoes then the cheese. Dip the chicken in beaten eggs, dredge in flour seasoned with salt and pepper. You can also season the flour with different herbs and spices. Make sure that the opening of the chicken gets coated as much as possible so that when you fry it, the stuffing won't leak out. I fried one side of the chicken first then the opening. Use tongs to hold the chicken and be very careful with this part. Then lastly the other side. Serve with catsup.


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