Jamaican Beef Patties

No, the patties are not burnt. I just like well done burgers. I want them really brown outside, almost black. If you taste them, they don't taste burnt at all. I think the reason for this color was the chili and Spanish paprika.

For the Jamaican Patties, put some ground beef in a bowl, season with salt, pepper, chili, Spanish paprika, nutmeg and thyme. Add some breadcrumbs and mix. Form into patties then fry.

For the potato wedges, wash and scrub the potatoes thoroughly. You don't want to eat dirt do you? Cut them up into wedges. Season with salt and pepper and oregano. Fry in butter or olive oil.

I think that's leftover herbed rice. I didn't want to eat this with rice that time. It's just that there were still some leftover rice and so not wanting it to go to waste, I had some. This would be best with burger buns though or if you want, you can just have the patties and the potatoes plus some steamed veggies.


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