Justice for Tengteng

I will pause from posting food related stuff to give space for Tengteng. I guess you've already seen this in the news but for those who haven't, here's the gist of story.

Tengteng is a one-month old kitten at UP Diliman who survives on random acts of kindness from the students, guards and the people in the vicinity. One afternoon, this monster named Joseph Carlo Candare took her life and bragged about it on the web. I don't want to reproduce his blog entry as he might think we bloggers are making him more famous for his writing or are admiring his writing skills (or lack thereof).

As you know, I have cats. It's not like I detest dogs. I just like cats better and I think my personality jives well with cats. You might also have a pet and whatever that might be, I know you share the same feelings as I have - love, respect, care for these living creatures. They might be a lower creation than us, but they have rights too. I respect cats and dogs, even stray ones. I admire them for being fighters, for being able to survive in a world that also houses the likes of Joseph Carlo Candare. I would like to say things that shouldn't be published but I won't. For I am an educated person and a Christian. And as a Christian, my greatest weapon is my prayers and so I will pray for this monster and hope that nobody else will follow his footsteps.

Please visit this link to sign up for the petition to give Tengteng the justice that she deserves.



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