Mongolian Beef Stir Fry

I loved how this dish tasted. What I don't like is how oily the beef was! You can even see it on the picture and this is after numerous attempts to strain all the oil out. I bought the ground round beef at SM Makati. I used to buy my meats there then shifted to Landmark then decided to buy again at SM. At first I thought it was just a one-time thing but then when I bought beef again last week, it was still too oily. I'm going to buy beef at Landmark from now on.

Enough of my rants and here's the recipe. Place the ground beef in a bowl. Season with light soy sauce, ginger, garlic, mirin, hoisin sauce. Mix. Add some flour. Saute the beef and break all clumps. Pour oyster sauce and add carrots and red bell peppers. When the vegetables are done, add some shredded wombok pechay and garnish with leeks. Serve with lots of rice.


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