Steamed Lapu Lapu - Thai Style

This is one of my very few attempts at cooking fish that isn't fried. I thought the recipe was simple enough that screwing up was not an option. = )

Mix Thai patis, calamansi juice, grated ginger, mirin, sweet chili sauce and black pepper in a bowl. Put cleaned Lapu Lapu in foil. Make sure that the foil is big enough to cover the whole fish and not let the sauce leek out.

Pour the sauce over the fish. I turned the fish over so that every inch will be covered with sauce. I even poured some in the cavity.

Steam for 12-15 minutes or until the meat is flaky. Top with tomatoes and cilantro. I don't like cilantro thus only the tomatoes are visible.
I served this with the classic tomatoes and green mango salad with bagoong. It was a light but satisfying Sunday night dinner.

Will I do this again? Definitely!


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