Sukiyaki Rice Topping Baon

Love, love, love Japanese food! Except sushi that is... Don't ask why.

Mix light soy sauce, sake, sugar (I used brown sugar) and a little water in a bowl. Fry the beef slices in a pan in a little oil, medium heat. Make sure to remove the beef when it's already done otherwise it will end up tough. This usually takes about 30 seconds or so. I also added some chopped onions. You can omit the onions if you like. I just happen to like the combination of beef and onions.

In the same pan, pour the sauce. Arrange julienned carrots, wombok pechay slices and vermicelli in sections so that they don't mix or overlap with each other. Simmer. When the vermicelli is done, add beef and onions. Wait about a minute until the beef is heated through. Top on rice. We Pinoys love rice on everything so rice and noodles are normal for us.

By lunchtime the sauce was already all over the rice. Yum!


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