Tuna Bread Breakfast

I think French Baker has been feeling the pressure of competition lately because I've been discovering breads that were not in their line up before. Take this Tuna and Onion Loaf, for example. It's P80 for a loaf and is good for 2 breakfasts for 2 people (if you eat like us).

Take 4 slices of the tuna loaf. Sprinkle with some grated melting cheese and top with chopped parsley. Toast for about 2 minutes. I served this with fried eggs, some bacon and juice. If you noticed, there's no white in my egg. Don't eat it, don't like it, allergic to it. I'm allergic to egg whites if they're fried or boiled or as long as they're in their original state i.e. not added to soups, breading, baked, etc. Go figure...


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