A Very Salty Baon?

I was toying with the idea of having bagoong rice for baon. But all I had was the leftover chicken pinatisan. Bagoong and patis? Will it work? You betcha!

Saute some garlic in oil. Add cold rice. Mix (or mash) to separate the grains then add bagoong. I add bagoong to the rice instead of vice versa because bagoong tends to splatter with direct contact with oil. Mix until all grains are coated with bagoong. Transfer to your lunchbox.

I also put some julienned cucumber and green mangoes with the chicken on top of the rice to make it look more authentic. Bagoong rice in Thai restaurants normally serve this with pork, mangoes, chillis, cucumbers, etc. Migraine Boy requested for more bagoong and so I topped the green mangoes with more bagoong.

One of the best lunches ever!


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