Chicken Meatball Sotanghon Soup

This is the perfect rainy day lunch. We had this one Sunday afternoon when I was not feeling well and the weather was crazy.

To prepare the meatballs, mince garlic and spring onions. Mix with ground chicken and add chili garlic paste, about half a teaspoon sesame oil and one egg. Form into balls.

For the soup, saute some garlic in a little oil. Add shiitake and chopped carrots. Pour broth. Add sliced wombok. Drop chicken meatballs one by one. Be careful not to overcrowd the pot. Remove cooked meatballs and vegetables. Drop sotanghon noodles in the broth and allow to cook. Return meatballs and vegetables to pot and mix. Serve hot as is or with rice.

I also served some cheesy lotus root chips. Just fry renkon and sprinkle with cheese powder. MB loved this!


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