Japanese Dinner 3 - Chicken Karaage

The Japanese spread continues. I made chicken karaage for dinner. I used chicken breast fillet as that was the only meat available in the fridge. In Tokyo Tokyo or Yoshinoya, they use chicken wings.

Marinate the chicken in light soy sauce, sake and ginger for about 30 minutes. Don't take too long as the salt will toughen up the chicken, or so I was told.

After marinating, dredge chicken pieces in flour and fry in hot oil. Drain on wire rack.

For the soup, I used a very basic Japanese soup that uses dashi, mirin, light soy sauce and sake. Just mix the sauces together and boil. Add veggies of your choice, in my case, snap peas and cabbage slices and leeks.

On the side is singkamas or jicama drizzled with vinegar + salt + sugar dressing. Serve with rice topped with sesame seeds. Chicken karaage is normally served with lemon. I ate this as is and it was wonderful.


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