Monday, July 13, 2009

Japanese Dinner 4 - Kisu Furai

Part 4 of the Japanese Dinners. This is kisu furai. It's fish covered with panko (Japanse breadcrumbs). I bought this at Hatchin for P18 each. You just fry 'em up and serve with tempura sauce. That's steamed broccoli with soy + lemon sauce. This is served with rice topped with sesame seeds and miso soup.

To make miso soup, just heat some dashi on low heat. I used about 2 cups. Then take a little of the liquid and put in a bowl. Add a tablespoon of miso paste then dissolve. Pour miso mixture into the dashi pot then mix. Don't let the soup boil. Turn off the heat and add tofu cubes and sliced leeks. Serve hot.

For dessert we had that chocolate chip and almond cookie on the side which we also got from Hatchin for P20. I know it's expensive but it was worth it. The cookie was filled with chips and lots of crushed almonds. You can taste all that goodness in every bite. I think everything took only 20 minutes to prepare. Easy and tasty!

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