Japanese Dinner 5 - Stir Fried Lotus Root

My brain is in Japan today. I'm exhausted. I had one of those shopping trips in which I didn't have fun. I was too tired last night to even enjoy shopping for a phone for Migraine Boy and a BP monitor for his mom. We got home at 9 pm. I know that's still early for most of you but me, no. There are times when I'm already asleep by 9 and most of time, I'm already in bed around that time. So forgive this post today as it will be very simple.

Saute some onions in sesame oil. Add chopped shiitake and lotus root. Pour a mixture of oyster sauce, soy sauce, mirin and sake. When vegetables are almost done, add chopped wombok pechay. On the sides are fried talakitok (trevally) and miso soup with tofu that I love, love, love.

I'll see you tomorrow when my brain has landed.


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