Chicken Pasta and Breadsticks Bento

I've been trying to avoid having rice for baon nowadays. I don't know why but after lunch my tummy always hurts whenever I have rice for baon. No, the rice is not spoiled. I've experienced something like this back when my illness was still severe. So I'm being careful now of the things that I eat. We now have light lunches. This is MB's bento. That's my homemade pasta sauce with chicken.

To make the homemade sauce, boil some tomatoes (usually a pack from Landmark is good for 2) until the skins peel off. I remove the top part of the tomatoes simply because I don't like it. Then put the skinned tomatoes in a blender and blend to desired consistency. In a pan, heat some EVOO and add garlic and onions. I always use a lot as both garlic and onions are good for you. Then pour in the sauce when the herbs are fragrant. Season with salt, sugar, pepper and oregano or basil or any herbs of your choice.

The veggies are baby potatoes and French beans which are sauteed in butter and seasoned with salt and pepper. The breadsticks (which MB adores) are from French Baker. I also packed some Belcube for the breadsticks, Cream-O and Kit Kat.

Here's my bento which has the ube puto made by my Lola whom we call Mama. I don't like ube but surprisingly, I really liked this one!


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