Complaint Against Unionbank PH - Unionbank Does Not Care About Their Customers

Hello there food lovers! This isn't a food related post but I think this is something that you should be aware of. I've actually been contemplating of posting this or not but since the head of security of Unionbank and the agency, CSI, haven't contacted me nor given me feedback yet, well this leaves me no choice but to post this to serve as a warning to everybody.

This happened a couple of weeks ago at Unionbank Valero. We finished our usual transaction without hassle. When we were about to leave, the door was locked for security purposes. We knocked on the glass door as the guard was outside. Not hearing us, MB pushed the white button on the side of the door thinking that it was a buzzer to alert the guard outside. The door opened. When we walked out, the guard, barked at us, "sa susunod wag nyong pipindutin ung security lock ha!" (Next time, don't press the security lock) in a very angry tone. I told him we didn't know that it was the lock and we thought that it was a buzzer and that he didn't look around when we were knocking. Then he angrily yelled at me, "eh kung may magnanakaw at nakapasok, di nanakawan yung bangko! Pag nagkaganun, kasalanan mo!" (If there were robbers here then they would've entered the bank and robbed the bank. If that happens, it will be your fault!) So I told him that I really didn't know and proceeded to enter the bank again to talk to the bank manager. What he did next totally shocked me. He went in front of me and told me, "Hindi ka pwedeng pumasok. (you're not allowed to enter). I asked why. He said, "kasi nasa labas ka na" (because you are already outside). I insisted to enter the bank telling him that I want to speak to the manager. He refused. We had a screaming fit outside the bank. It was pretty sureal at this point already. So, having no choice, I knocked on the glass door to get the attention of the employees and the manager inside. They told him to let me in.

Once inside, I explained what happened to the lady who looked like an officer in the bank. I wasn't able to get her name as my heart was already pounding and my body was shaking from anger. Then this man who is the acting bank manager asks me what happened. So I explained to him again. He told me that it was against policy to press the white button. I told him now I already know that but if the guard had said that to us in a nice way, I would have immediately apologized to him but instead, he screamed at me. I think he didn't quite get it because he was not shocked/appalled by their guard's behavior. I told them that I worked in a bank some years ago as well and our guards didn't behave like that. I asked them if this was the way they treated their clients and if what the guard did was right. He said no. I told them I will not leave the bank until they do something about the guard. They said that they needed to investigate this first so I asked for the agency's number so that I can directly complain to them. What they gave was the number of Unionbank head office and instructed me to look for the security division. When we left, the guard even had the nerve to call out, "sige mam! tumawag kayo!" (Go ahead ma'am, call them!). See how garish this man's attitude is?

Actually, this wasn't the first time that we noticed his poor attitude towards customers. Most of the time he would tell us, "kumuha kayo ng number. ayan o!" pointing to a stack of numbers on the chair next to the door. Other guards in other banks would hand you the numbers themselves.

When I got back to the office I immediately called Unionbank. The girl who answered me said that her boss was in a meeting. She asked what the problem was and so I told her. She was shocked at the guard's behavior. I told her that I would fax them a letter of complaint. After that I called CSI, the agency. The man in charge of the Unionbank security guards apologized to me and said that they will investigate and give me feedback. After a few hours I called Unionbank again to ask if they received my letter. The same girl said yes and that her boss was still in a meeting. She said that they would just contact me. Oh, and I also sent a letter to CSI.

Fast forward to two weeks. I emailed Mr. R of the agency last Monday asking for feedback. He didn't reply. I haven't had a chance to talk to Unionbank yet. But it's their responsibility to contact me right? and not vice versa.

Don't get me wrong. I respect guards. I have a nice relationship with the guards in our building. and with all the other guards in my former offices. We exchange smiles and greetings every now and then. I come from a family of soldiers that is why I have high regard for people who risk their lives to protect us.

I would publish my letters here but for some reason blogger doesn't allow copy pasted stuff from Microsoft Word. It keeps having errors. This blog is open to the replies of both Unionbank and CSI. I will publish any replies that they will (hopefully) give me in the future. I really hope someone from Unionbank would be able to read this so that he/she can relay this incident to the authorities to prevent this incident from happening again.

So what do you think? Maybe the reason why the guard even taunted us was because he knows that nothing will come of it. Or maybe Unionbank really just doesn't care for its customers. I sincerely hope not. I have expressed in my letter that Unionbank has excellent service as far as I'm concerned and that this incident was a first.

My friend A was there last week and she said that the guard was very polite, even helping an old lady with her transaction. She wasn't sure if it's the same guard though. So if you go to that branch, beware of the guard.


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