Affordable Waldorf Salad

We are cutting down on expenses. Our grocery bill used to be P2000-2500 per week. Now it's less than P2000, about P1500-P1800. Having so many illnesses limits the variety of food that I can eat so even though we're on a tight budget, I still manage to have small treats every now and then. The key here is substitution.

An original recipe of Waldorf salad includes walnuts. Walnuts are expensive so I used cashew nuts. I originally bought the nuts for snack purposes but I was craving for a salad and I had everything I needed for a Waldorf salad so here's the final product. I bought 2 Fuji apples for P28 a piece, 2 packs of mayo, about P20 each, some celery stalks and cashews. This would be more rockin' if you put seedless grapes. But we're on a budget so these ingredients will suffice.

Just chop up the apples and the celery. Mix with mayo and cashews. Season with salt and pepper then chill. Serve cold. I bring 2 portions to the office. One for lunch and one for merienda. The whole dish costs around P120 and will last for 6 servings (1 serving is good for 2 persons) unless of course, you won't be able to stop eating and go back for seconds. = )


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