Goya and Spanish Style Bangus Bento

I know, I know, I've been using the same bento over and over and over... But bear with me for a little longer. I've been trying to find a practical bento that doesn't leak and I'm bored with my Lock & Locks. I promise I'll try to change bentos. = )

Goya. It's not our local chocolate. In Japan, the humble ampalaya or bitter gourd is called goya. It's normally cooked in the summertime. The dish is called goya chanpuru and is a specialty of Okinawa. Here we use eggs and shrimps or pork. In Japan they use tofu and the basic soy sauce plus sake combo to season the dish. This is not goya chanpuru. It's our regular ampalaya guisado. I know it kinda looks yucky in the picture. Well, what can I say, we like soup.

In the yellow container is Spanish style bangus by Century. I always, always put Maggi Savor calamansi in sardines, tuna, spanish sardines, etc. I forgot to bring some so I wasn't too excited about lunch. Surprisingly, this wasn't bland at all. This actually paired nicely with the ampalaya. I like it! When you're running late, you just open a can and dump the contents into your lunchbox and you have instant lunch. You can pair it with rice, with salad or make it as a main dish and just bring some fruit for dessert. Fast and healthy!


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