A Tribute to Marketman

Like Marketman, I also love sotanghon guisado. Noodles are definitely comfort food for me. I have tried many recipes for sotanghon and most turned out good, not great, mediocre or ok lang. Until I found and absolutely fell in love with this very simple recipe from Marketman. I guess less is really more. I used what was in the fridge at that time - shrimps, leftover chicken breast fillet and half Shanghai sausage. I agree with Marketman's and his readers - buy the best sotanghon noodles that your money can buy. I bought the most expensive pack of vermicelli in Landmark that day (P35) and I still ended up with mushy noodles. I guess all the good noodles ran out after MM's post? = ) Amazingly, it was all okay the next day. Hmmm... Why kaya?

We had this for baon and as a typical Pinoy, also packed some rice. I also packed some patis and calamansi. Believe me, we were so full and satisfied that day that we didn't bother having merienda.

Cheers MM!


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