What I'm Hating Right Now: Dole Hearts of Romaine

I will never purchase this hearts of romaine bag from Dole again! I bought one bag last Sunday, opened on a Monday and ate some then on Tuesday, all the greens were wilted already!!! And not just wilting/wilted, most were mushy already! I can't believe it, P55 down the trash bin. And to think I was having doubts purchasing Salad Time's bag (P75) because of a measly P20! I wanted to save but ended up wasting so much money. The usual brand that we buy is Salad Time which lasts for 3-5 days. But since we were on a budget, I decided to get the Dole brand but was very careful to get the bag with the nice looking greens. Most of the bags already had wilted greens.

Sometimes we buy the organic ones which range from 20-40 pesos. They're quite good but the selection that day was mediocre.

I love salad greens. I could eat just the greens with some Caesar, thousand island or light honey mustard dressing and I will be happy. I was really disappointed. Would it be too much to say that I felt heartbroken? My disappointment was that bad. I really feel bad whenever I have to throw away food that's why I make use of leftovers wisely.

So whenever you feel like budgeting or saving up, think twice. Be sure to get a trusted brand. It doesn't really matter if you lose a few pesos if you get good, quality products. Buying bland, tasteless, below quality, mediocre food is like throwing away good hard earned money.


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