What I'm Lovin Now: Lord Stow's Teriyaki Pusit

If you're a regular on this blog, you'd know that I love dried squid. Even as a child I've loved the sweet, salty, spicy taste of our local dried squid. I saw this bottle 2 weeks ago while I was buying some Portuguese egg tarts. I was curious about the 'teriyaki' flavor and so I bought one for P100.

The taste is very much similar to the local squid but this one is evenly coated with the flavor. It doesn't taste teriyaki to me but tastes good all the same. You also won't get clumped up sugar. The texture is nice, crunchy and doesn't hurt your teeth or gums. It's not makunat at all. Although the sweet flavor was consistent, there will be some pieces that are too spicy so watch out for because they can cause you to cough. Be ready with a glass of water or other drinks if you plan on munching on this (like I do).

Was it worth it? Sure! We just bought our second and third bottles. The third will go to Iligan as pasalubong when MB goes there this week. And while he's there, expect meals for one posts.


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