What I'm Lovin Now: Snyder's of Hanover White Corn Tortilla Chips

I bought a pack of this one pounder last Sunday for P167 at Landmark. You might think it's too expensive. It's well worth it! I like corn chips and tortillas. I can't stand the regular junk food that's available locally except for Oishi's potato chips. I'm more of a nuts (almonds, cashews, etc) and tortilla gal nowadays. I brought one small ziplock full of this to the office last Tuesday for merienda. I paired this with homemade salsa, a recipe from my sister. And wow! This hit the spot. It was actually bitin.

Some thoughts on this. It's a bit too salty for me. It's great if you'll eat this on its own but not so great with MY salsa. I say my salsa because my salsa differs from the regular salsa that's a bit too sour. I will give you the recipe of my homemade salsa soon. Silly me forgot to transfer the pics from the cam to my laptop.

When eating corn chips, chew well. You don't want to risk scratching your throat with the sharp edges which in turn might lead to an infection of the throat (sore throat, antibiotics, doctor visits, bed rest, etc). You get the picture right?

Transfer chips into smaller packages. The bag is too big that opening and resealing too often might affect the crispiness of the chips. This is also a good idea if you're on a diet. Small portions will make you stop eating once they're all gone and remember to keep the other bags away from you!

Eating tortilla chips is much healthier than regular junk food. Plus, you get to eat a healthy dip (like salsa) with it.

Will I repurchase? Definitely!


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