Beryl's Mint and Bitter Chocolate

I found this box of chocolates at a 7-Eleven near our office. At first I thought it was like Andes - mint sandwiched between 2 parts chocolate so imagine my surprise when I peeled off the foil. They were separate! Sure, there's a picture on the cover but I thought it was just an exaggeration or to emphasize that this is a mint chocolate, much like what other brands do.

I liked the dark chocolate. Really bitter but not ampalaya bitter. The mint, not so much. I love mint chocolate but this I think was too much. I guess this is white chocolate with a few drops of mint. I never liked white chocolate. A mint bar trying hard to be chocolate is too much. It's like eating toothpaste. So what I did was I put the chocolate bar on top of the mint bar and bit. Now that's better! Not Andes taste and quality but heck for P57 a pop, I'd gladly buy another one when the craving hits and the money is low.


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