Goodies From Iligan

I had a shopping list for MB when he left for Iligan. It's so funny because most of the products I listed were never heard of in Iligan. People there only know Sukang Pinakurat. They didn't know that it had other variants - Kuratsoy, Waykurat, Sweetened Pinakurat, etc. They also have other products such as the ones above.

Naprik, as you can see is spicy pork alamang. This had mostly pork fat in it. The first time I tasted it (just the alamang) I liked it. But the other night, I really didn't like it. I didn't like the gamey taste from the pork. MB really loved it so I guess this isn't going to waste. He doesn't eat the pork fat though. Oh, and one thing more. The pork fat/skin still had hairs on them which I really didn't like. Grossed me out. They were long hairs. This costs P98.

The other bottle is garlic crunch. Just your regular garlic crunch, nothing special. I sprinkled this on some sauteed spinach with Kikkoman and oyster sauce. Now that was good. For P75, this is quite cheaper compared to the other local brands.


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