I'm Still Here - Dining at Circles Shangri-la

Hi everybody! Just want to let you know that I'm still here. I really apologize for the lack of posts. I had a 2-day event at Shangri-la Makati for the US Department of Agriculture. After that, I was sick for 2 days. You know how weak my body is.

Anyway, we had dinner and lunch at Circles at the Shang. It's a buffet style restaurant where you can eat as much Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Asian, American dishes as you want. I wish I had pictures but I was low batt.

I've been craving for dumplings for the past few weeks and Circles had different kinds on offer - chicken, beef, pork, vegetable. You name it, they have it! But alas, gorging too much dumplings made me sick. After 4 dumplings, they tasted somewhat all the same. They killed my taste buds and my appetite. The next bar we visited was the Japanese. I know sushi tastes great for a lot of people but I really can't digest the stuff so I just had a small bite. I also tasted this baby octopus dish which was spicy and sweet. Didn't like it either. I didn't like their California maki because of the asparagus. It gave the maki a bitter taste. They had crabs, shrimps and oysters on ice. I love shrimps and crabs but eating them cold sounds weird to me so I skipped that part.

For dessert, Migraine Boy had creme brulee which wasn't burnt at all so we missed the fun part of cracking the cream. I had some watermelon slices and a melon slice which was bland. I also had this dark chocolate truffle like dessert which was bitter outside but had sweet jelly inside. I just like the top cover because of the dark chocolate. They also had assorted "French" pastries. Notice the quotes because who ever heard of buko pandan French pastries?

For lunch the next day, it was just me and Ana. I had sinigang na tanigue which was a 10 thumbs up! It only had okra and eggplants but my, my... The fish was so fresh and tender. The soup was the perfect combination of sour and salty. I was in sinigang heaven! It was so good that after tasting the dishes that I want, I got another bowl full of the stuff and ate just that.

Other dishes that I tried were the prawn tempura which I didn't like because it was cold. (What is up with the seafood all being cold?) Some sweet chicken dish and bland lapu-lapu in some chili sauce. For dessert, I had the truffle again and a slice of chocolate torte (?) which was absolutely delicious especially after I've sprinkled some walnuts on top and a melon slice which was better this time around.

We asked the head waiter how much it costs to dine there and he said it's P1400++ for weekday lunches and P1600++ for weekday dinners. Friday, Saturday and Sunday prices are higher. You also need to have a reservation for both lunch and dinners. Ana and I got the numbers and we're definitely dining there again with our families.


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