Sarciadong Dilis

I bought this pack of dried boneless dilis at S&R. It was after typhoon Ondoy and we were running out of food. I made do of what we had. This dish might seem simple but it was definitely delicious.

Fry dilis then drain on paper towels. Saute some chopped garlic, julienned onions and chopped tomatoes in a pan until wilted. Add a little water and let boil. The water should be about less than 1/4 cup depending on how much sauce you want on your dilis. When boiling, add a little sugar and salt. This dilis wasn't salty so it's okay to add salt. If your dilis is salty, don't add salt anymore. I also sprinkled some Spanish paprika on the sauce. When cooked, pour over dilis and serve with lots of rice. Cheap and fast.

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  1. Wow I really love your recipe. Thank you so much for sharing. I will try this today!
    Also I really really love other dried fish especially from Cebu. I found someone from Facebook selling them at a very affordable prices and its also in a stink-free packaging - Perfect for pasalubong. Just search their page in FB - Bantayan Famous Dried Fish or