Migraine Boy's Quick Pizza

Let me just have this quick post on MB's pizza. I know all of you may think that pizza is something very easy to make especially with the availability of instant ingredients. Well, to us ladies that is something trite. But for the men, well that's another story. Normally guys would just buy take out or order food or worse, instant noodles. I don't have anything against instant noodles, I just ate one last night. What I'm saying is, these are ingredients that are practically staples so why not try cooking. It will save money plus you're sure that your food is clean. So this post is for all my guy readers who sometimes feel lazy to prepare their own food. I promise, this will be quick and painless.

I was sick the other night and MB said he would cook dinner. This isn't exactly cooking. All he did was get these solo crust pizzas and brushed Del Monte Quick n Easy Italian Pizza Sauce on all of them. Sprinkled them with Quickmelt cheese, mushrooms and chopped salami then popped them in the oven toaster for around 7 minutes. MB knows how to cook simple dishes but if he can avoid cooking, he will. And if he decides to cook, well you have to give him the step-by-step details. This pizza was all his doing so I was really impressed. (What can I say, I'm easy to impress). I was impressed because not only did the pizzas come out perfect but the ingredients were well balanced and he even made the effort to chop the salami into tiny bits without me telling him!

So that's it. I suggest you stock up on these ingredients so that you'll have something handy the next time hunger strikes or for us girls, when there's just no time to prepare a fabulous dinner.


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