Puto Bumbong/Bungbong

I'm no connoisseur at puto bumbong/bungbong but I love eating it and I've only tried those in the malls and I can truly say that this one from Rustan's Supermarket is the best. The size is just right plus the garnishes are separately packed so you can go as sweet as you want or like me, just a little sugar with lots of niyog on top. Also, the butter/margarine that the seller puts is just the right amount so you don't get a too greasy, fattening puto. You know what else is nice about this stall? They cook the puto only upon ordering. You'd have to wait about less than 5 minutes or so but heck, it's worth it. One order consists of 2 pieces and is worth P50. MB also loved this and has been craving for it since Saturday night.

You can find the stall next to the castanas at the lobby of Rustan's Supermarket Makati. The seller is nice too and has quick hands. She really is a pro at this. They also sell bibingka but I haven't tried that yet.