Quick Adobong Kangkong

If you think adobong kangkong can't be easier to make, think again. We came home late the other night and coming from a meeting, not able to have some merienda, we were famished when we got home. So in my heels and office attire, I got the kangkong bunch and bangus cuts in the ref and hurried to the kitchen.

I heated some vinegar, soy sauce and a little water in a pan. I then added some garlic crunch, you know, those ready to eat bottled crunchy garlic. Then allowed the mixture to boil. I then added the kangkong leaves and cut up stems and lowered the heat. This will cook in 2 minutes. Before serving, sprinkle some more garlic crunch. For the bangus, I just rubbed the pieces with Maggi Magic Sarap then fried them.


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