A Cross Between Tinola and Nilaga

Justify FullI needed to save a few pieces of beans, half a head of cabbage and a bunch of malunggay. We only had chicken breast fillet in the freezer. The ingredients sound like they are appropriate for a tinola or nilaga dish. But seeing as I had to stretch this dish for about 2-3 meals, I decided to put them all together. Why? Well, why not?

This is a very nutritious dish seeing all the greens. Cheap too. To make, just cook a basic tinola recipe then add the vegetables. You can use chicken stock and just add more patis to taste. You can also fry the chicken pieces in a little bit of oil until cooked then just add the stock or you can cook it directly in the stock. Just be sure to scoop out the scum. I normally cook the chicken first. You can also use Maggi Sabaw granules if you don't have stock. We Filipinos are quite creative when it comes to food and dealing with leftovers so I suggest you explore your ref and pantry to squeeze out as much value as you can for your hard earned pesos.


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