Fried Rice #3: Corned Beef and Cabbage Rice

Well, what do you know? I have some free time tonight that's why I'm posting the continuation of the fried rice challenge series. Never thought this day would come so soon. I apologize for the pic as this was taken using my phone which isn't really a high end phone. Anyway, as long as you can still clearly see what's in the lock&lock then that's fine with me.

Most of you have heard of corned beef and cabbage stew. Well, since I didn't want to bring a soupy dish to work, I decided to combine this old time favorite with the Filipinos' favorite staple dish - rice.

To make, saute some onions. Add the corned beef when fragrant.  Then add a little water and dump the sliced cabbages into the pan. Season with salt, soy sauce or Magic Sarap. I used Magic Sarap.  Mix then add some cold mashed rice and mix. I love having soft/hard boiled eggs with corned beef especially for breakfast so I packed some too. I wasn't able to put the eggs in my egg mold as they are too big. It would've been nice to see a smiling bunny or bear in the lunch box. The taste? Marvelous!

Lady E tip: We love Purefoods Corned Beef at home but we find it too expensive. One small can costs around P45. Plus, we get a lot of extenders. Most of the contents of the can go to the cats - ligaments, fatty portions and what-have-you. A few Sundays back, I saw Swift's Black Label Corned Beef which promises to have pure beef. And pure beef it had! It was absolutely delicious! And for only P34 with a bigger can than Purefoods, I'm sticking to this baby. And that's discovery number 1.


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