Hang In There

Hi everybody! We both know this is a very busy season for all of us so I know you understand my lack of posts. It's been really, really HECTIC  for the past few weeks. I'm done with my Christmas shopping (thank God!) but I still need to buy some things for me and MB to start our new year right. We've also been busy meeting people, clients, friends, etc. and looking for MB's PSP which we found at Astroplus in MOA. He got an extended credit line from BPI and that's what he used.

I've been busy but that doesn't mean that I don't eat anymore. I'm still taking pictures of the stuff I eat, cook and discover. Yes, I've discovered quite a few things to share with you, dear readers. I have also yet to finish my fried rice challenge. After that, it's Japanese themed dishes again.

In the meantime, please amuse yourselves with the archives. I bought a bottle of red wine and will be using that for chicken afritada for Christmas day. I know afritada is normal for you but you've got to read this to understand why I'm cooking this dish on that very special day.

Thank you for being a part of 240baon and sharing my food experiences with me this 2009. Merry Christmas everybody and God bless us all through the coming new year! See you all soon!


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