The Kris Aquino Kitchen Collection Can Opener is a Piece of Crap

I am really pissed off with this can opener. I bought it last Sunday at Landmark and it cost me somewhere between P159.75 - P259.75. I can't remember exactly how much. But you'd think that for that price, I'd get a fairly decent can opener. But, NO! The problem started yesterday, Christmas Day when I tried opening the can of tomatoes used in my afritada. I wasn't able to open it smoothly. I thought the can was just really hard so I didn't mind. After all, this was from Kris Aquino's kitchen line so Metro (kitchenware brand) must have made it extra special. I then tried to open a small can of mandarin oranges a few minutes ago. Guess what? I spent 15 minutes trying to open the can. 15 freaking minutes!!! The can was already deformed but there were still parts of the top cover that didn't budge. I found our old (and cheap) can opener and it did the job in 5 seconds. Sheesh...

In my frustration, I Googled this kitchenware and found this article. A line from the article, "The K-Everyday line is simple and affordable, yet stylish and functional." Absurd... where's the "functional" portion in this:

See the deformed metal? No? Let's see a close up shall we?

There you go. I examined this thing to figure out what's wrong and found this.

Stylish: Check, Functional: XXX

Tomorrow I'll be buying a new can opener...again. I even bought the K-Everyday one thinking that it will last a long time so I didn't mind paying for the above mentioned price.  

So, dear Philippine readers, stay away from this tool. Be very afraid. Definitely not worth it.

Lady E's note: I like Kris, but this is definitely not Kris material.


  1. Hey,I also bought Kris' can opener and i had the same problem. I wanted to get back to sm and ask for replacement but I went to business trip after buying that and time wont permit me. Is there a shop where we can have it repaired? Sayang kasi.

  2. I don't think so. I just bought a new one and the cheaper replacement is still okay up to this day. So sayang talaga. Kris Aquino banner pa naman. I hope people from Metro can read this.