Pink Cupcakes

I won this box of cupcakes from Yummy magazine. They're from Little Cakes. I did a bit of research and found out that one box costs around P500. Hmm... How do I start this. I have mixed feelings about this. They're too sweet for me. The cake was alright. It was a bit bitter, I think that's why they made the icing so sweet to balance the taste. But they failed in doing that. Kids might enjoy this. NEVER give this to people with diabetes and heart problems.

It's better to serve this chilled so it won't be too messy to eat as the cold makes the icing firm. Having a huge sweet tooth, MB loved this and can down 3 cupcakes in one sitting... And that's right after dinner.

The cupcakes came in this cute periwinkle box with a blue ribbon. It looked elegant. I also liked how they packaged the cupcakes, putting those customized cardboards inside the box to support the cupcakes. They deliver and they also allow meet ups. You have to order in advance as the cakes are only baked right after you order. If you want to know more, visit their website.


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