Drowning in a Sea of Tofu

When I cook miso soup, I put a lot of tofu  - like half a block of tofu! In Edward's words, tofu is good for you. When we eat at Japanese restaurants, I always look for the tofu in their miso soup. I get frustrated when they use the cheap kind or when they're entirely missing. That' why I spoil myself when I cook miso soup at home. It also helped that the tofu at Hatchin were on sale at 50% off so I bought 2 blocks!

We had the miso soup with pacific saury and some mixed veggies cooked a bit like chopsuey.

Again, the veggies are leftover in the fridge. That was like an eight of a small head of cabbage, one small carrot and a handful of beans. I just sauteed this in oil with garlic and onions and seasoned with Magic Sarap and pepper and a little Kikkoman. I also added a bit of water for the sauce and about half a tablespoon cornstarch diluted in water.

If you're wondering if we ate pacific saury everyday, the answer is, of course not! It just so happened that these are the meals that I decided to take pictures of. = )


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