Another Yakisoba Post

I finally got around to photographing that yakisoba pack that I've waxed poetic about (exag!) This is called Hiyakoichi Yakisoba and costs P198 at Landmark Makati. 

It comes with 3 packs like this:

One pack is enough for me and MB. It also comes with 3 packs of powdered seasoning.  I prepared this with just sliced onions, cooked in oil. Then I steam the noodles in a little water, add the seasoning pack then season some more with my bottled yakisoba sauce from Saizen. I also added a little bit of mirin. I then topped it with bonito flakes:

I used the other pack for another type of noodle dish - toyomansi noodles or noodles with soy sauce and calamansi (calamondin) juice. You can use fresh onions or onion powder or both. I think I used both. Saute the onions in a little oil then steam the noodles like you would with yakisoba. In a bowl, combine dark soy sauce or Kikkoman and add the juice of 5 calamansi. I used about 3T soy sauce. Season with onion and garlic powder. I didn't have garlic powder so I just used the onion powder. Pour over the noodles and top with spring onions, chili flakes and sesame seeds. Mix well. I don't like local instant noodles. I can't digest them so I've decided to make this instead. Be sure to cook fast so that the noodles won't get too starchy and won't stick to the pan. I also cook this on high heat. 

Junk food heaven...


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