Chicken and Orange Salad

This is a quick, healthy lunch with the exception of the Caesar dressing. = )

I just cooked the chicken in olive oil and seasoned it with salt and pepah. For the salad, I used some red lettuce (not sure if this is correct), cucumbers and croutons. I would have used Mandarin oranges but all I had were navel so I used that. Again for the dressing, Caesar. 

Was I even satisfied? Yes! I didn't even eat the chicken because I was already full. I only ate one piece and that's it. Plus, I brought one whole orange and more croutons. Also, that's half a cucumber and 6 shredded lettuce leaves. And no, this isn't turning out to be a salad blog. I will feature different types of food in my future posts. I had Elle et Vire Berry Yogurt for snack. 


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