Eggplant Omelet

I've been trying different ways of cooking eggs and this is one of the results of my experiment. It's prepared similarly to the regular omelets Filipinos are used to eating for breakfast or the tortang talong. But this time, the egg serves as the eggplant's 'house'. 

Beat 2 eggs then sprinkle with salt and pepper. Chop some garlic, onions, tomatoes and an eggplant. Saute the tomatoes in oil until wilted. Add the garlic and onions. When fragrant, add the eggplants. Now here's the 'new' part. Season with Kikkoman and mirin. Allow the eggplant to absorb the seasonings. When cooked, remove from pan then cook the eggs, omelet style then put the filling in the middle and fold. I served this with French beans sauteed in olive oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper. 

MB ate this with Sukang Pinakurat. Until now, I still can't understand his food pairings. I on the other hand, had this with catsup. I really can't eat omelet without catsup. But I also felt that the catsup complimented the seasonings well as they became more flavorful. Well, that's just my taste buds. Adjust to what works for you. We had this for dinner. 


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