MB's Sweet & Sour Fish

This is one of those dishes that MB makes that makes me want to pretend to be sick and stay in bed for a week. (Grin). MB can cook as long as you give him detailed directions. But there are some dishes that he's already mastered such as arroz caldo, sinigang and frying fish and bacon to perfection. This is a fairly easy sweet and sour fish recipe.

We fry the fish first. He used dalagang bukid. Coat the fish with salt and pepper and cornstarch. Fry. On a separate pan, heat some rice vinegar and brown sugar. When the sugar has melted, add ginger, onions and carrots. Sometimes we put red bell pepper. Season with salt. Pour on the fish and serve with rice. Is that easy or what?

This is the first time MB cooked this dish and it was spot on! The heated leftovers were even more flavorful. This lasted us for 3 meals. 

I made another version using fish fillets and tofu. I fried the tofu first then fried the coated fish fillets then proceed with above. We had that for baon. It was delicious!


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